About Conversion Rate Optimization

Why conversion matters?

The first obvious reason is that CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization) brings you more customers. Strictly speaking, CRO is web design done right. It’s about making a page that is perfectly designed to sell, or get sign-ups, or get downloads, or whatever the page is there for.

Then, your profit is increasingly higher because now you don't have to spend money on more ads to get the same amount of customers. CRO is the success of a website.

Lastly, CRO puts you closer in becoming the front runner. Once your conversion rate has increased, you are now able to invest in getting more customers and eventually outperform your competitors.

A/B testing is essentially testing different web-pages, position of elements on the page, different placement of elements to see which one is the best increasing or decreasing the amount of information offered and checking if your website answers your client's needs.

When optiong for a CRO, we must change your website. Depending on the current state of the website, we will develop new features, new elements(new code) and evenually new pages. We are after all a web agency so we should know how to do this.

Finding out what each of your visitors think is impossible, so we found a way to see what works with your target audience. We are testing our new implemented pages on random people within your target group and optimize to meet their needs.

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Our process to achieve amazing results

Our comprehensive strategy guarantees a perfectly elaborated service for you and our company. Our main goal is to create a website that earns and increases the trust of your target audience. We eliminate as many potential problems as possible so as not to frustrate users.

Step One


First, we will sit down, have a coffee (virtually) and find out if our way of working suits you. Then we will focus on your business dynamics, your goals and your vision.

Step Two


Once we have a clear picture of your brand, we start creating a prototype. The prototype is usually an illustration or representation of what the website could look like, what the UI could look like, etc. Here we discuss further and see what changes you would like to implement.

Step Three


One of our priorities is to test how users respond to your future website. So, testing the website will be our next step in gaining valuable insight into what your potential customers want and how to represent it online.

Step four


Finally, when you have your values, the right colors, user interface and a suitable vision for your new website, it's time for us to start building it. Our websites are fully coded in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Depending on the situation, we are also able to use other frameworks like React, VUe, etc.

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