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From the developers that are putting countless hours in developing new world-changing applications, their agency was already set up for success. The only problem that they had with their last website was the conversion rate.

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization helps you transform your visitors into customers by changing the layout of elements, adding new ones etc.

With the new website, our friends from Bucharest have now a new platform to show their projects, info and to interact with their customers.

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With one of the objectives being to increase the CRO, we applied different digital strategy techniques to sustain this. From UX/UI to researching competitors, we added around 4 new call-to-action buttons, fields and changed the entire layout of the website.

Fully coded website using front-end: HTML, CSS and JavaScript and back-end: PHP to interact with it's customers.

Our CRO process includes a good number of testings and extensive research to find out what's missing, what needs to be improved and how it can become better. We re-did their website to do just that, convert. Their CRO is now up 24% in just a few weeks.
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